Kemal Kukrer Pomegranate Sour 250 ml


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A must-have ingredient in many dishes, but especially in salads and kısır (bulgur salad), pomegranate molasses is a sauce of high demand thanks to the expertise and rigorousness of Kemal Kükrer.

Pomegranate is considered to be a sign of fertility, productivity and health in many cultures. It is grown in Turkey as well as many other parts of the world and is a preferred sauce in Turkish dishes, salads and desserts. It is also famous for its benefits to health.

In addition to being eaten as a fruit, drank as a juice and eaten as a jam, pomegranate is also very popular in the form of molasses. Being a kitchen staple both in restaurants and at our homes and used not only in salads but also in appetizers and dishes, pomegranate molasses has a unique taste which cannot be replaced with any other. 

You always hear the benefits of pomegranate molasses from the experts. But here is one from us: Use products made by experts to benefit from the real taste and the benefits of pomegranate. Some of the benefits of pomegranate and its molasses are as follows:

Balances blood pressure.
Increases body resistance and helps fighting diseases.
Helps controlling diabetes.
Protects the heart and helps its regular functioning.
Diuretic and helps detox.
Protects good bacteria.


Concentrated pomegranate

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