Ege Kemalpasa 140gr


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Ingredients: Unsalted white cheese (cow milk, rennet), semolina, and wheat flour, egg, baking powder (sodium bicarbonate (E500), Sodium acid pyrophosphate (E450), corn starch )

Allergen warning:  Contains gluten, egg, dairy product (cheese).

Preparation: Put 750 gr. Sugar (4 cups) and one liter water (5 cups) in a large pot and heat it by mixing until the sugar completely melts.  As soon as the syrup starts to boil, empty one package of Ege Kemalpaşa dessert in the pot.  Make sure the syrup covers all pieces and boil it for 15-20 minutes by slightly mixing with a wooden spoon on low heat.  Take the pot off the cooker when the syrup thickness as desired and the dessert pieces soak the syrup.  Place them on a large tray and leave to cool.  After it cooled down, serve as desired with tahini, cream, coconut or ice-cream on top.

Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. 

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